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Jaw Crusher
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  Reliable Minyu Jaw Crushers
    Minyu Jaw Crushers have been widely used in various quarry aggregate applications worldwide for the past three decades. There are generally two types of Jaw Crushers manufactured by Minyu. The MS type comes with large feed openings and longer jaws with bigger crusher stroked for primary crushing purposes, while the MB type with wider feed openings and smaller crushing strokes for secondary, tertiary, and recycle crushing applications.
  Features of Minyu Jaw Crushers
    Simplicity of design and rugged construction have made Minyu Jaw Crushers ideal for crushing operations. For the most efficient and economical production, a wider range of Minyu Jaw Crushers models is a available for you to choose from. Minyu Jaw Crushers are proven one of the most well balanced jaw crushers in the world.
  Oil Bearings and Labyrinth Seals
    All Minyu Jaw Crushers are built with top quality oil bearings and seals. The lubrication goes well satisfactory, and the yields as expected.

Safety of Single Toggle Jaw Operation
    Minyu Jaw Crushers perform crushing operations with compressive force caused by advancing and retreating motions of a swing jaw suspended from an eccentric shaft at its upper portion and supported by a toggle plate at its lower portion. The safety toggle plate provides complete jaw protection from any uncrushable and ensures a proper nip angle is maintained.

Electric Hydraulic Adjustment
    Minyu Jaw Crushers are equipped with hydraulic shim adjusters including hydraulic oil jacks, shim plates and other components. Changeovers of jaw discharge openings are easy and fast, downtime is minimized, and the production requirements are accurately met.

Large Crushing Ratio Production
    Since Minyu Jaw Crushers have larger and deeper crushing chambers and the crushing angle is designed to be sharp, a very high crushing ratio can be achieved. In some cases, a single toggle crusher can render both coarse and medium or medium and fine crushing quality.



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